This week has been a week where I have definitely been able to hear God speak to me through His Word. Last Sunday's preaching was on Lazarus, which is a very well known story but this week I have been able to dig in deeper and allow God to speak to me through it. Today I want to share with you two things I learned that you should also understand from the story of Lazarus.

We all pretty much know how the story goes so here's quick bullet-type summary:

  • Lazarus was sick
  • Jesus didn't show up right when he was sick-he showed up after he died
  • Jesus calls him out of the tomb
I'm going to keep it really short, but if you want to know and study more, go to the Gospel of John, chapter 11 verses 1-43. Now, moving into what I'm so anxious to share. 

There are so many ways to interpret this story but these two specific points are what ministered to me the most these last couple of days. Lets focus on one specific verse for a moment:

And when he had thus spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus come forth. - John 11:43 ASV 

After reading this small portion of the story, I couldn't help but wonder, why exactly did Jesus called him by name? I mean, in all honesty, He is God. So if he is going to wake someone from death, He can just speak it without having to be so direct. But He was direct with Lazarus. He called Him by name. Why? Because even after his death, Lazarus had an identity. He didn't lose who he was because of death, he was still Lazarus and still had the same purpose he had before his death. And that is what Jesus wanted to wake.

In the same way, Jesus calls us directly by our names because we have an identity in Him. We are not dead spiritually. Our passions are not dead. Our desires are not dead. We are who Jesus says we are. There is purpose in our lives. Yes, there are moments when we stumble and question why were we put here on this earth or question if Jesus actually did call us into ministry but I want to remind you of that identity. You are a child of God and you have a purpose. Don't let nothing and no one try to shake you from that promise. Listen to His voice and hear His call because He sure is calling!


If we move onto the second part of the call, Jesus tells him to come forth. He called him into a certain direction. He didn't just say, Lazarus wake up. He specified what direction He wanted him to take!

Jesus is calling us to move FORWARD! No more looking back. No more questioning whether or not you are called. He's calling you today, to move forward, forget the past, and walk into your purpose which lies before you, not behind you. A lot of times, we are so quick to reference the past that we cannot accept what our future holds for us and Jesus is calling us to forget our past, to come out of that dry place and pursue our destiny. The more we focus and live in the past, the further we get to our purpose. No more of that!

The story of Lazarus is one we can learn so much from but if there are two things I can help you understand, it's that you have identity even at your lowest point and that Jesus is calling you to move into your destiny. He doesn't want you to sit there, stuck in the darkness. He wants you to shine. He wants you to tell the world what He has done for you. He wants you to take the band off of your eyes and know that you are here for so much more than you think and He wants you walk towards Him, every single day.

With Love, Cynthia.

Sharing is Caring <3