It's officially 2018. How do you feel about that? I can say that I'm anxious to see what this year brings me and my family.

I had a whole post planned out for you guys about my New Year's resolution (or goals, how I like to call them) but then I started reading posts from my fellow bloggers about a New Year's “Word”. I'll be honest, at first I thought the idea was dumb but then as I sat down to think about it and figured, a word is so much simpler than making a list of a million things you need to accomplish that in reality will not even get done. So I started working on my Pinterest image for this post, and as I did, I felt the Holy Spirit start leading me to the word Happiness.

Such a simple word, but it has extreme meaning in my life. Keep reading to find out why this word is perfect for MY 2018.

This word, Happiness, strikes right to my core and is exactly what I'm declaring my 2018 to be filled with. Of course, a new year means new opportunities but for me and my family it means so much more. Yes we have two great new opportunities coming our way but this year we welcome a beautiful addition to our family — our newest and youngest daughter Ivelisse Nayeli — in May. We also move this year (more details to come) and I have a new career opportunity which I'm so anxious for. God has been good to us and continues to so!

But that's not why Happiness is my word for 2018.

I believe God wants to work in me from the inside out! I know this because many times throughout 2017 my happiness depended on those around me. I wasn't truly happy; my circumstances dictated that decision. I went through a lot this past year when it comes to my emotions. I mean, a straight up roller coaster! And I know God has been trying to work in my heart to heal the hurt that I've felt and get me to a place where I don't need the acceptance of the people around me to be happy. God has blessed me with a beautiful family and that along with his daily mercy and Grace should be enough for me to wake up every morning with a smile on my face and go to sleep at night stress and worry free. That's the kind of life God wants us to have. A life where nothing else matters but Him and His plans for us. That's the life I want!

I'm declaring 2018 a POWERFUL year not only for me, but for YOU. I pray that God shows out this year and that you may experience the best of his Love, Mercy and Grace!

❤ Cynthia Cano

Do you have a New Year's word? Or maybe even a Bible verse? Please share!