Just 3 months shy of my surgery (for the removal of my baby and fallopian tube), I tested again and got my BFP. Ain't it exciting? Imagine how we feel.

Today, I am 6 weeks pregnant, with a due date of June 6, 2016 (a day before my 24th birthday), and couldn't be happier — really though. Many know my story and many don't, so let me take a brief moment and sum everything up..

In April, I found out I was pregnant but a week later I started bleeding. Turned out that supposedly, it was a false positive then I had a miscarriage. In June, I started getting a lot of abdominal pain and was rushed to the hospital. They found that I was 3-4 months pregnant with an EP (ectopic pregnancy). I went in for surgery on June 25th for the removal of my baby and my right fallopian tube. Although emotionally painful, we made it through. Prior to everything happening, God gave us a word through Johanny Barreto in regards to how we were going to parent our kids and to not worry for anything because a God had everything under control.

In July, Prophet Sergio Garcia came to our church. I stood in the first row as an usher of the church when he called me to go to him. He said that as I stood there, he saw when a ball of fire came down from heaven and into my womb and began to restore it.

In September, Dr. Maggie Rodriguez came to preach. Before service, she passed by me twice with a huge smile on her face. When she took to the altar to begin ministering, she called me out as I walked out of the temple and told me to go to the front. There she told me that when she passed me, God told her I was ready; and it didn't matter what doctors said or what the people said, because my womb was ready.        

We are now seeing the result of those promises from God!

How far along?  6 weeks
∆ Size? A grain of rice
∆ Total weight gain? None yet.
∆ Cravings? Hot fries!
∆ Maternity Clothes? Not yet but soon. I already can't button up my jeans! 
∆ Stretch marks? No new ones. Just the old ones from the first pregnancy
∆ Sleep? Sleeping like normal. I usually take a nap in the morning between 9-10A
∆ Best moment of the week? Seeing my BFP (big fat positive) and getting it confirmed at the clinic
∆ Movements? None yet
∆ Mood Swings? Kinda sorta. Not too bad
∆ Looking forward to? First ultrasound
∆ Baby's first gift? Clothes (gender neutral — well just one piece) from maternal grandmother 

Xo, Mommy2B
Cynthia Cano