I opened up my 365 day Bible plan after having a bad case of writers block, and that's when God gave me the deepest revelation.

Your pain is transitional.

In these exact words, I could feel the Spirit of God ministering to my heart...

"Abandonment, sorrow, struggle, and pain - all these are transitory. Wholeness, healing, joy and peace are permanent, for they are part of the very nature of God. That is what sustains the believer through difficult times."

I'd like to compare this transitional period to the transitional period of pregnancy and delivery. The process of conceiving is a very emotional one (personally, I would know). But when the pregnancy is revealed to the new expectant mother, there's joy and love. Surely after, comes the nine month wait, where although there is joy, there is also discomfort, anxiety, worry, irritability, self esteem issues, a concoction of different emotions. Towards the end of the pregnancy, things start to look and feel better, as the coming of their bundle of joy nears. But then labor happens, and there's pain. Although painful, it's the process that transitions the baby from the mothers womb, to the mothers arms, where it belongs. After labor, the new mother can now enjoy her new blessing.

The same thing happens in the spiritual rhelm. When God first speaks to us, and reveals promises and purpose for our lives, we rejoice in knowing that something greater is coming. But when the waiting period sneaks up on you, all of a sudden feelings change. You start to feel discomfort, anxiety, worry that possibly God's promise won't go through, or that He can even use you in the way He wants to use you. You start losing friendships because you are slowly but surely entering a new season in your life and your start to feel alone. But I want to remind you that you are going through the highest form of transition in your life.

God has brought you to this point in your life because He is about to bless you. Right now, you are in a trial period for your promotion, the greatest promotion you will ever receive. Yes, there is pain. Yes, there is discomfort. But that is God's form of pushing you into the best you that He created you to be. Don't feel anguished or discouraged. This is just a stepping stone for what is greater. Stay strong. Just as a pregnant women has the full responsibility to stay strong and healthy for her fetus, you have the full responsibility to stay spiritually strong and healthy for what you're about to give birth to in the spiritual world.

"I will not cause pain, without allowing something new to be born, says the Lord." - Isaiah 66:9

"The pain that you have been feeling, can't compare to the joy that is coming." - Roman 8:18

Press forward,
Xo, Cynthia.